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Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association Result of Elections held on 3 May 2014
Why PESA?  

::PESA News::

The basic question that arises is what is the need of having such an association? The simple answer is that our country is drifting away from its main goals, objectives, promises and aspirations for which it was created.

We as part of the armed forces and in particular the Army, have to be held largely responsible for this gradual decline. All other sections of society have also had their share of enthuastic cohorts, who fully inspired, goaded, connived, endorsed and faithfully participated in all these ill advised policies and actions that have brought us to this pass.


Needless to go into the background and the details, we must all in real earnest seek forgiveness and offer unqualified apologies, for all our omissions and acts that have caused this debacle. It is worth mentioning that some of our illustrious colleagues, showed the courage and the will to oppose all such acts of subversion of the constitution. They did so by remaining in the norm of military discipline and upholding the oath that they took at the time of their graduation from the Pakistan Military Academy. They paid a heavy price. Their bright career was jeopardized and terminated at the whims of those in Command . We want to recognize their strength of character and the principled position that they took. They will remain the unsung heroes of this Army. We salute them.

The military coup staged by General Parvez Musharraf and his small coterie of generals, was just a repeat of those acts in the past. The ex-servicemen community, like all other sections of the society, failed to condemn this unconstitutional and illegal act in the terms that it deserved. This apathy has been the main failings of us all, as a nation, as responsible citizens, as those whose duty should have been to stand up and speak against all such ill advised acts. All cross sections of the society, owe it to this country that they must find the courage and conviction to condemn and speak loudly against all such crimes and misdeeds.

The events of 9/11 saw a bizarre set of development in the corridors of power. It is amazing as to how a military dictator, took such critical decisions, which were to literally change the destiny of the country, all by himself. No clear and loud voices were raised either within or outside the Military establishment. This is the biggest dilemma that we have been facing as a Nation. Who has given the Army chief this power? Even within the Armed Forces he has equal peers in the form of Chairman Joint Chief of Staff. Air force and Naval chiefs. It is time that we put a permanent end to all such military adventurers. Those who committed this kind of crimes and their close collaborators must be held accountable. It is time that they must face a judicial commission. 

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