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The political events of 2007 led to the formation of Pakistan Ex Servicemen Association. Musharaf’s act in Feb 2007 to remove Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Iftikhar Ahmed Choudary caused great upheaval and turmoil in the country.

It was against this background that on 12 Jan 2008, a few senior retired officers got together and decided to play their role to safeguard the image of the Armed Forces, removal of Musharaf and the restoration of the Judiciary to pre 03 Nov position. The Ex-servicemen held their first seminar on 20th Jan 2008 at Hotel Shalimar which was attended by over 200 ex-servicemen and included several retired officers and veteran of 1965 war. Amongst the attendees were Air Mrshall Asghar Khan and Air Marshal Noor Khan and many other retired personnel comprising all ranks. In quick successions two more seminars were held. Simultaneously the Ex-Servicemen supported the Lawyers movement and participated in the long march in June 08.


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