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VoP Press Conference

Why VOP?

Because of Corona Pandemic, the activities of VOP, had to be curtailed over the last about two years. But since the endemic situation has improved, and more importantly because of the diatribe political mayhem that we are in, we had to fully reactivate as an emergent measure.

An emergency meeting of the Executive Council was called on 20th April, 2022. After a detailed disussions of the current situation that we are mired in, a press release was issued, which is placed

This received a very good coverage in the media. Some indications were forth coming that early elections will be held. But we soon realized that this malafide government , was pursuing their own sinister programs.

In view of that, we held another emergent meeting of the Executive Committee on29th April, 2022. After due deliberations, a press statement highlighting the grim situation arising out of this serious political crisis, and the direct threat to Pakistan, implied through the Cypher message sent, was strongly emphasised. And it was reaffirmed, that the only viable solution is the holding of early, free and fair elections.

We were rather shocked to learn that this press was completely blanketed on the instructions of the relevant higher authorities. We also learnt that punitive action was being contemplated against the vocal and patriotic voice of the Veterans of Pakistan.

To consider and ponder over these horrendous developments, and the the implosive situation arising out of the call for long march, the urgent requirement for calling a general body meeting will be deliberated soon after Eid. In the meantime, we have asked all the members of the VOP, to give their valuable suggestions on WhatsApp. The second press release is placed below:-. 




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