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Ex-Servicemen call off Sit In at camp site at Islamabad

  Ex-Servicemen called off three day’s Sit In at their camp site at Islamabad parade ground. Sit In commenced on 14th June and ended on night 16th June.

The Ex –Servicemen fully supported the lawyers movement and participated in the long March. To show further solidarity with lawyers for achievement of their twin objective i.e. restoration of Judiciary and removal of Musharaff, Ex – Servicemen staged a three days Sit In after the Long March which was a unique and historical gathering of several hundred thousands who thronged the parade ground on 13th June from all over Pakistan.

Our common struggle to oust the usurper and restore judiciary will continue till the achievement of goals. Lawyer community has provided much needed leadership and clear directions at a time when many other shied away on one pretext or the other. We hope that as a result of current movement, a leadership will emerge that will be a true reflection of Quaid-e Azam’s thoughts.

Ex- Servicemen will continue to extend their full support to lawyers community irrespective of mudslinging which of late Musharaff's majors beneficiaries are indulging in. They better look at their several hundred cases from which they have been exonerated as a consequence of the infamous NRO which put the whole nation into shame except those who got away form crimes for which they could be incardinated for several years or even worst face the death sentence. We urge Gen Kiyani COAS Pak Army to get case of Maj Kaleem reopened to bring the criminals to justice. We also urge the Federal Govt to order Judicial enquiry into 12th May massacre.

Ex – Servicemen express their sincerest gratitude to all those who visited at our camp site to raise our spirits.

Brig.Abdus Salam Akhtar
(Media Co-ordinator)

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