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Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association
Press Release

(31 August,2008)

  1. Today, the Ex-Servicemen Association once again is giving trouble to our friends in Media in order to convey through you our concerns and demands to the people. Prior to this press conference, we have had several meetings where detailed discussions on national security issues took place.
  2. The internal and external situation of the country is such that the Ex-Servicemen Association sees the dark over hanging clouds looming on Pakistan’s horizon. Rather than bring internal stability, the democratic process initiated on  18th Feb this year is edging the country towards instability and disorder. On the one hand the economic mismanagement of past and present has brought miseries to the people, the military action in FATA and Baluchistan, is rendering several thousands of inhabitants, homeless. On the external front, US attacks inside Pakistan continue unabated. At the same time we continue to receive “do more” sermons. Pakistan today faces a great challenge to her sovereignty and integrity 
  3. Unfortunately, there is a complete absence of national cohesion and the leadership required to face the challenges of the present times. Parliament which should reflect the peoples aspirations and concerns has been made completely ineffective and irrelevant. Under the circumstances the nation appears to be in a trauma and mentally parlayed. As if this was not enough, the way the President’s election process has been triggered, has given birth to additional concerns. There appears to be no hope in near future. In our opinion which was reached though consensus after through deliberations of many weeks, the causes of above are:-

a.  The journey towards democracy that commenced on 18th Feb 2008 is in a state of uncertainty. In spite of having got rid of a despotic dictator mainly through the struggle of lawyers community and civil society, the country once again is in the grip of political intrigues, turmoil and maneuvering.

b.  The second main reason of our current problem is external interference in our internal matters, Besides America, the Indians having gained foothold in Afghanistan, have already started playing their dirty game inside Pakistan. 

  1. In view of above, Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association offers following recommendation:-
    1. In order to ensure the supremacy of parliament, there should be an open discussions on the following burring issues in the parliament:- 

                i.      The illegal and unconstitutional actions of 03 Nov by the Army Chief be declared null and void.

                ii.     A national consensus be achieved on Presidential election which is getting controversial. Seventeenth Amendment - a major obstacle in this regard, be replaced. Till then Presidential election be deferred. This will not create any constitutional problem, as 18th Sep deadline can still be met.

                 iii.    Foreign policy made by the ex military dictator to suit his masters, needs a major re-modeling to bring it in line with the wishes of the people. Instead of accepting outside dictation, the policy of resorting to dialogues be adopted.

    1. An important issue which is a major source of concern of ex-servicemen, is the question of who holds the grip on the Nuclear Command Authority (NCA) when viewed in the context of seventeenth amendment, after the Presidential Election; since the President happens to be the Chairman of NCA under the current system.
    2. In order to take the above issues towards a possible solution, the Ex-Servicemen Association is constituting two delegations. One delegation will be sent to the Parliamentary Committee on Defense as well as Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. The second delegation will be sent to FATA, Swat and Kuramm Agency on a conciliatory tour of these areas with the objective of ending military operations, and to know  other parties view point and also to search solution to eradicate some of the un Islamic and immoral practices carried out in these areas. The second delegation will also include the members from Civil Society.

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