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Ex-Servicemen Society working committee Meeting

  A meeting of Ex-Servicemen Working committee meeting was held under its President Lt Gen (R) FA Chisti on 09 June 2008 at 11oo hours. The committee endorsed the call of ex servicemen to participate in the long march in order to show solidarity with the lawyers community for restoration of of judges to pre 03 Nov 07 position and removal of Musharaf from the presidency illegally and un-constitutionally occupied by him .It was decided that all ex servicemen will assemble at Liaqat Bagh on 13 June at 1100 hrs where a Reception Center is being established. Necessary arrangements for food and prayers etc have been made. The Committee appealed to all ex servicemen to participate in large numbers and play their historic role in this hour of crisis along with other segments of society. This is a defining moment for the country and ex servicemen must stand up and be counted.

The committee expressed its appreciation and thanks to Mr Eitazaz Hassan for acknowledging the contribution of ex servicemen in the current movement of lawyers community. We again assure him that ex servicemen will remain in the current struggle till the achievements of their aims and objectives which have become the goals of entire nation.

Brig Abdussalam Akhtar

Media Coordinator

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