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Ex-Servicemen Working Group Meeting (24th May,2008)


The extraordinary meeting of the Ex Servicemen Working Group was held to review the progress of the points discussed and approved during the last three meetings of Ex Servicemen held in Jan 08.

The meeting of Working Group was attended by  Gen Hameed Gul ,Gen Assad DURRANI Gen Jamshed Gulzar, Gen. Islam Ullah, Gen. Shabbir, Vice Admiral Ahmed Tasneem, Gen. Niazi and other senior participants of the working group.

The main points discussed during the meeting  are given below. The working group after reviewing the current development was of the view that no progress is visible on the three main points, discussed and voiced from the Ex Servicemen forum. i.e. removal of Musharraf from the presidency, restoration of judiciary and  appointment of independent election commission. The Working Group after due deliberations and  indepth discussions decided on the following:-
a. Removal of Musharraf from Presidency. He should be removed, from the presidency since his position is neither constitutional nor legal. The Ex Servicemen are of the view that that musharraf remains the source of all problems and intrigues and in the interest of the country and the nation  he therefore must quit the presidency occupied by him forcefully ,illegally and unconstitutionally.
b. Restoration of Judges. The judges as on 2nd nov,07 be restored immediately including the Chief justice. Since all the actions of Musharraf of 03 Nov are illegal and unconstitutional which has been admitted by him publicly. The judges therefore be made  functional without any ifs and buts.
c. Independent Election Commission. This be constituted in order to ensure future fair and free elections in consultation with the main political parties in the parliament..
d. The Ex Servicemen Group emphasized that the political parties should honor the public mandate as given on 18th feb,08.
e. We fully support the dialogue and peace agreement on FATA, Swat and Balochistan. This should be done without any external pressure which should be resisted at all costs.
f. No safe exit should be given to Pervaiz musharraf who should be held accountable for all his actions which include abrogation of constitution and other matters including Kargil. An independent inquiry be held to fix the responsibility of his deeds, during the last eight years.
g. We support the civilian control of armed forces but recommend that checks and balances be ensured so that the armed forces are not politicized.
h. Vacation of army house by Musharraf is a step in the right direction, which should have been done long ago. This is giving a wrong signal to the people, as if the army is the supportive of his unconstitutional deeds.
i. Restriction on A.Q Khan should be lifted and he should be allowed to resume all his normal activities.
j. We urge to bring back Shokat Aziz to face independent inquiry on wheat, steel mill, stock exchange, writing off loans and other issues. He is mainly responsible for the worsening economic situation of the country and be made to account for his actions.
k. If any steps similar to 3rd Nov,  are taken by Musharraf to destabilize the present political process ;  these will be resisted by ex servicemen in association with  civil society and lawyers  community and political parties. He should there fore bow down before the will of people and stop using the presidency for further intrigues.
l. Families of missing persons. We urge that missing persons be traced and the process initiated by Chief Justice earlier be further progressed.
m. Problems of common man be addressed by the government to provide essential relief to them.
n. The Working Group further decided that it will support the lawyers movements actively. In this connection the committee has been made to liaise with the legal community.

Brig A.Salam Akhtar
Media Coordinator


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