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Ex-Servicemen meeting held on
(12 July, 2008)


1.  Ex Servicemen during a meeting held on 12th July 2008 have expressed deep concern over the functioning of the coalition government during the last hundred days. Government appears to be in complete disarray, paralyzed, ineffective and leaderless. It continues to pursue policy of the past government. It has failed to tackle the basic problems for which they received the mandate on 18th February  08. Rather several serious problems have surfaced which need to be handled on emergent basis. Ex Servicemen strongly urge the coalition government to immediately attend to the crisis like situation within the country and run the government effectively.
2.  Restoration of Judiciary.  Ex Servicemen  express concern over the non restoration of judiciary as per Murree accord. Ex Servicemen   forum reiterates  that pre Nov 3 judiciary be made functional immediately in order to remove present uncertainty  which has effects on matters that seriously affect the people and country. Ex Servicemen  extend full support to the lawyer community in their struggle for making the real judiciary functional. We also  urge the political parties who are in coalition at the federal  level to bring to an end this issue which has put the entire nation under extreme stress and strain for the last one and a half year.
3. Removal of Musharraf:   Ex Servicemen  maintain that Musharraf's illegal and unconstitutional occupation of president’s lodge  has further deteriorated the political and economic situation. The Office of  President   is being seen as the centre of conspiracies and intrigues more than ever before. Musharraf's recent statement at Karachi is a clear indication of his unbalanced state of mind. His utterance against Ex Servicemen   lacks even the basic norms of decency and behaviour. His conduct is clearly not only unbecoming but disgusting and disgraceful which the Ex Servicemen strongly condemn. These words coming from a man who has not seen bullets fired in combat are rather very strange. His cunning and deliberate  silence over the startling revelation  made by his cronies at a meeting presided by him at Karachi that our region and geography may not remain the same after six months or one year, indicates his tacit support to the conspiracies being hatched against Pakistan.
4. Situation in FATA on Account of External Threats: Lately the threats emanating   from our so called allies have assumed an alarming proportion. Along with frequent air violations, our security forces have also been targeted which resulted in death and injury to our soldiers and innocent citizens. Ex Servicemen vehemently condemns   such adventures by our so called allies in war. Such move in fact will usher in further terror in the areas where the situation has already been aggravated  by actions of our allies in Afghanistan which is contributing towards instability in Pakistan. Ex Servicemen  consider any physical incursion on the territory of Pakistan as a blatant  attack on our sovereignty  which will be resisted by the nation with full force and Ex Servicemen  will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the nation to protect the homeland.

Brig A.Salam Akhtar
Media Coordinator


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