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PESA Press Release
(18 June, 2014)


All members of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association (PESA) extend full support to Operation Zarb-e-Azb and pray for its success and early return of peace to Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the prolonged peace talks did not succeed.

It is also surprising that during the entire process of talks, Maulvi Fazallulah, leader of TTP, never himself said anything about peace nor did TTP put forward any of their main demands for ending their war against Pakistan. All they asked for has been for cease fire and release of their prisoners.


It is encouraging that all major political parties have declared their support for Operation Zarb-e-Azb. PESA expects that TTP will realize that it was neither proper nor easy to force their interpretation of Sharia on 200 million people with power of weapons of destruction. PESA hopes that sanity prevails and TTP gives up fighting and returns to a life of peace without anymore bloodshed.


Members of PESA expect that the displaced persons of North Waziristan will be looked after properly. On its part, PESA has started a special fund to provide relief goods for the affected people. It expects to dispatch first consignment within this week. All those who are interested to join, can deposit their cheques in PESA’s Account number; 0101239067, Askari Bank, AWT Plaza, The Mall, Rawalpindi.


The brute and inhuman force used against workers of Pakistan Awami Tehrik at Lahore on 17 June was something never seen in Pakistan. Old men were being thrashed by police even after being hauled up and pushed in police vehicles. The most agonizing scene was dragging a wounded unconscious man on ground by pulling his leg with his head down. We can find no words that can aptly condemn such barbarous acts. It seems hard to believe that the Chief Minister was not aware of this tragic episode.


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