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PESA Press Clipping
(June, 2016)


Members of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association severely condemn the unprovoked firing by Afghan troops on Torkham border post that resulted in loss of precious lives of Pakistani troops. Instead of expressing regrets, the undiplomatic and rude response of the Afghan ambassador and his government clearly showed that they were speaking language of some other powers that are not actually interested in peace but want hegemony over strategic, political and economic affairs of the region. Their conduct and stance of the past few weeks showed that they are actually seeking total surrender by Afghan Taliban under the garb of peace talks. Members are of the view that invitation to Afghan foreign minister was premature. He should have been invited after giving them a proper and effective taste of our retaliation. PESA fully supports the hard line adopted by our Chief of Army Staff.

Luke warm reaction by our foreign office is simply a formality. Pakistan holds the cards in the form of over 3 million Afghan refugees. We have no doubt in our minds that their camps are being used as launching pads for terrorist activities on both sides. Palestinian refugees were butchered under Operation Black September on allegations of providing base for raids against Israel. On the other hand we are being forced to not only keep them for indefinite period but also allow unhindered free movement to and from Afghanistan. PESA supports the decision taken by our Army that refugees going back to Afghanistan, will not be allowed to re-enter Pakistan without proper entry documentation. Efforts should also be made for their repatriation at the earliest. In case it is not possible due to any international obligations, then they must be confined to properly designated camps and not be allowed to roam around Pakistan at will. Their food, health facility and education etc be provided by international agencies within the camps.   

  US Senate’s strict restrictions on military funding to Pakistan are considered just warning signals. Knowing Pakistan’s total reliance on IMF for our economic survival, indirect warnings are being conveyed through media to clamp down on that channel also. Members expressed concern whether our government had any plan B to fall back in such an eventuality. 




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