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PESA Press Clipping
(15 November, 2016)


Executive Council of Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association held an emergency on-line meeting under Senior Vice President, Vice Admiral Ahmad Tasnim to discuss the highly provocative and aggressive attitude being displayed by India along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. Glowing tributes were paid to the gallant soldiers of Pakistan Army for their befitting response. However, grave concern was expressed at the real motives of India for it sudden change to such an aggressive style. Members suspected some deeper motives behind these activities like influencing our foreign relations or internal affairs. 

It was felt that mere handing over of a protest notes to Indian diplomats after each incident was not enough. Our Foreign Office must play a pro-active role in apprising nations of the world about the situation through effective emissaries and demarches. The international community must be adequately sensitized about the nuclear overhang in South Asia. They must inform global opinion vigorously, about India's crude attempt to divert attention from the core issue of Kashmir and Indian atrocities against an unarmed struggle from freedom from foreign yoke.

 Most importantly, Foreign Office must find out the real underlying reasons behind this change in Indian behavior. 

Formal start of shipping of Chinese cargo from Gwadar port was highly appreciated as a good beginning of CPEC through joint efforts of civil and military authorities. All internal reservations should be resolved for early completion of this game changing project.

Member of the Executive Council are keenly following proceedings of the Panamagate scandal in Supreme Court. It was the general desire that with a view to solving this issue at the earliest, the Court would not allow any delay in its proceedings. 


Other participants in the meeting included Air Vice Marshal Masood Akhtar, Lt General Naeem Akbar, Brig Mian Mahmud, Mr Salim Ahmad Gandapur, Brig Simon Sharaf, Major Farouk Hamid Khan and Brig Masud ul Hassan. 




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