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PESA Release
(28 May, 2016)

Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association


Press Release 28 May 2016

 Executive Council of Pakistan Ex-Service Association met on Saturday 28 May 2016. Senior Vice President, Vice Adm Ahmad Tasnim, SJ & Bar, presided. Following attended:

  1. Adm Fasih Bokhari
  2. Air Marshal Masood Akhtar
  3. Lt Gen Naeem Akbar
  4. Brig Mian Mahmud
  5. Brig Javed Akhtar Khan
  6. Brig Arbi Khan
  7. Col Dalel Khan
  8. Brig Masud ul Hassan
  9. Capt Akmal Shah (M Navy)
  10. Capt Nawaz Ali
  11. Ch Zia Naseem Ghumman

Members of the Executive Council condemned American drone attack that is claimed to have killed Afghan Taliban leader Mulla Akhtar Mansoor in Balochistan. This is not only a gross violation of international laws and sovereignty of Pakistan but an act to sabotage Pakistan’s efforts to bring Taliban on negotiating table again. This aggressive act gives credence to the general perception that real target is the growing links between Pakistan and China. Otherwise, he could have been targeted in Iran, from where he is said to have entered Pakistan just a few hours earlier. While continuing our efforts to mend our fences with USA, Pakistan cannot afford to weaken its links with China. We also need to develop closer links with Russia and Iran.

Rejection of financial support by US Senate for purchase of eight F-16 fighter aircraft is no doubt regretful but more dangerous is the clause that requires certification from US Government that force is not being used against elements that are demanding political freedom. With this clause, the US Senate has come out in the open about its support for Balkanization of Pakistan. It is surprising why our government has not responded to this clause.

Anti-Pakistan trend in the US Congress and media show that our sacrifices and efforts towards winning the Cold War have been thrown in a dust bin. We are now being pressurized to follow America’s revised strategy in the region. This brings out utter failure of our Foreign Office to project Pakistan’s case. We have not had any capable foreign minister for the last eight years. We cannot make USA change its geo-strategic policies but an effective foreign minister could have gone round the world, explaining Pakistan’s case.

In recent months, a number of high profile cases of corruption and anti Pakistan activities of some prominent personalities and political workers have come to light and are under investigation and trials. Members expressed their concern that although it is being claimed by various agencies that these cases would be taken to logical conclusion but not a single major case has been finalized as yet. Memogate is one of such high profile cases. The way some high profile corruption cases are being prosecuted it appears like State versus State. All eyes are now set at the outcome of investigations regarding Panama Papers. Conflict of interest and politicization of civil service are the root cause of this problem. An honest officer does not feel secure in his position.

Members expressed the view that Ministry of Religious Affairs and Council of Islamic Ideology should give top priority to revert our mosques to their original status as not only a place for worship but also as centers of peace and unity for the Muslims according to the values set by Holy Quran.

Certain quarters are spreading different stories about handing over of Angora check post to Afghan troops. Members expressed the view that there was a need for ISPR to issue a clarification regarding the circumstances leading to this transfer.




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