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The basic question that arises is what is the need of having such an association? The simple answer is that our country is drifting away from its main goals, objectives, promises and aspirations for which it was created.


We as part of the armed forces and in particular the Army, have to be held largely responsible for this gradual decline. All other sections of society have also had their share of enthuastic cohorts, who fully inspired, goaded, connived, endorsed and faithfully participated in all these ill advised policies and actions that have brought us to this pass. Needless to go into the background and the details, we must all in real earnest seek forgiveness and offer unqualified apologies, for all our omissions and acts that have caused this debacle. It is worth mentioning that some of our illustrious colleagues, showed the courage and the will to oppose all such acts of subversion of the constitution. They did so by remaining in the norm of military discipline and upholding the oath that they took at the time of their graduation from the Pakistan Military Academy. They paid a heavy price. Their bright career was jeopardized and terminated at the whims of those in Command . We want to recognize their strength of character and the principled position that they took. They will remain the unsung heroes of this Army. We salute them.

  The military coup staged by General Parvez Musharraf and his small coterie of generals, was just a repeat of those acts in the past. The ex-servicemen community, like all other sections of the society, failed to condemn this unconstitutional and illegal act in the terms that it deserved. This apathy has been the main failings of us all, as a nation, as responsible citizens, as those whose duty should have been to stand up and speak against all such ill advised acts. All cross sections of the society, owe it to this country that they must find the courage and conviction to condemn and speak loudly against all such crimes and misdeeds.  

The events of 9/11 saw a bizarre set of development in the corridors of power. It is amazing as to how a military dictator, took such critical decisions, which were to literally change the destiny of the country, all by himself. No clear and loud voices were raised either within or outside the Military establishment. This is the biggest dilemma that we have been facing as a Nation. Who has given the Army chief this power? Even within the Armed Forces he has equal peers in the form of Chairman Joint Chief of Staff. Air force and Naval chiefs. It is time that we put a permanent end to all such military adventurers. Those who committed this kind of crimes and their close collaborators must be held accountable. It is time that they must face a judicial commission. 

At this time of our national history the well meaning, sincere patriotic citizens, who had well informed judgment began to agitate their minds. The folly of the abrupt and adhoc decisions being taken started to unravel itself. It was on 30 Apr 2003, that a small group got together to discuss the seriousness of the problems to give vent to their concerns. The letter inviting 23 senior citizens, who shared the gravity of the situation, was circulated for their attention and action if they deemed it fit. It was most heartening that except for four all turned up. It was decided that a letter should be sent to General Musharraf, seeking for a time for our delegation to meet with him. Unfortunately, before this could be done, two of our illustrious colleagues Air Chief Marshal Zulfikar Ali Khan (Retd) and Major General (Retd) Rao Farman Ali died and some others had serious sickness in their immediate families. The initiative thus died. It was to the utter frustrations of all such like minded people. The letter sent and the list of invitees is placed on record.-


Tel:- 5470669, 5464721
19 April, 2003


My dear


Pakistan has a history that our leaders remain imperiously indifferent to the impending crisis. We realize its gravity when the events have over-taken us.

The International events have been casting their shadows on Pakistan’s horizons for the last two years. These shadows seem to be lengthening with every passing day. The message that they bring in their wake, seems to have serious connotations and far reaching implications for our country.

It is imperative that every patriotic, sincere, and loyal citizen of Pakistan, who has the love of the country at heart, should agitate his mind and grasp the manifestations of the implicit threat that these International Power Games hold for us. More importantly, a consensus needs to be devolved urgently as to what we need to do to prepare ourselves and to brace up to meet these challenges.

To hold an in-depth open discussions of all these serious repercussions that these grave  developments imply for us, a meeting of a small group is being proposed to be held. The names are being picked up through informal consultations with a wide cross section of the society. Later any other suitably qualified and eminently suite persons could be added if so desired.

The first proposed meeting is being held on 30, April,2007, at 10.00 Hrs at 29, Westridge-1, Rawalpindi. The names of the participants being requested to attend the meeting are attached. A confirmation will be much appreciated.


Yours Sincerely

Brig M.M.Mahmud (Retd)


    Air Chief Marshal ® M.Zulfikar Ali Khan

General® Sowar Khan

Lt. General® Faiz Ali Chishti

Air Marshall® Inam -ul- Haq

Lt. General® G.S Butt

Lt. General M Tariq S J

Lt. General® Maqbool

Major Gneral® Farmaan Ali

Major General® N.K Babar

Major General® Shafiq Ahmad

Major General® M. Imtiaz Ali

Major General® A. Zuberi

Major General® S.M.Z Askree

Brig M.Saleem Ullah

Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali

Mr. S.K Mahmud

Dr. Zafar Altaf

Mr. Justic Afzal Lone

Mr. Shafi Niaz

Brig® Muhammad Yusuf

Group Captain Anwar


In March 2007, the lawyer’s movement suddenly brought in a new ray of hope to the disgruntled, demoralized and disillusioned citizens of the country. All sections started to mobilize behind this new spirit of awakening. The response of the ex-servicemen was rather disappointing. It was lone person of Lt Gen (Retd) Hameed Gul who figured prominently. The rest of the community was conspicuously disassociating itself and remaining a silent spectator in these times of trials and tribulations. 

At this stage the ex-servicemen, in their own small groups, began to ponder over the grave damage that the repeated martial laws had done to this country. These were destroying the moral, ethical and logical fabrics of our nationhood. There was a simmering of the guilt that we as a community, either as serving or later as ex-servicemen had reminded as indifferent and silent spectators to all these morbid developments..

It was in November 2007 at an informal get together of the course mates of 1st PMA Long course that these serious concerns again surfaced and were raised. It was decided that a letter should be addressed to the COAS, in which briefly the gravity of the situation should be high lighted. There was a strong feeling that the proud image of the armed forces, in particular the army, had been badly tarnished. A letter was drafted. Before it could be signed and dispatched, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. In these sudden and tragic changes in our body politics, it was considered advisable to wait and watch.

A copy of the drafted letter is as below:-


General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
Chief of the Army Staff
General Headquarters


Subject:-                                The Spirit Of National Will 

Dear General


This brief submission comes from the 1st PMA Long Course.  We rightfully feel and take the pride that we have the singular honor of being the pioneers of  Pakistan Military Academy. With this we imbibed the spirit of the people of  Pakistan in the creation of this country and the Army. We had no colonial legacy of our seniors, who had served the British crown. Our young and impressionable minds were submerged in the achromatic sentiments of the masses who had struggled for this country.

It is in this spirit that we joined the Army and gave it whatever best we had in us. We can proudly reflect our humble but highly committed and dedicated services in the 1965 and 1971 wars. It is the unique distinction that our course earned; one Nishan-i-Haider and three Sitara-i-Jurat. The course history is reminiscent of many acts and deeds which do us proud.  The Army and the country can equally share this sense of admiration and adulation.

This brief presage is essentially to bring out that our hearts have been throbbing for the cause and the glory of this great country. Even to-day our anxiety is toward that goal and end.

It is with these feelings that we beseech you to equally share these sentiments with us and keep these uppermost in your heart and mind. The love of the country demands that in these defining moments, this should be the cause, the will and the guiding principles of thought and action  for us all. We have lived our lives with these motivations and would like to be buried with this spirit and thoughts.

This is message that we have. It is a voice of sanity. It is a call for unity. It edifies that the cause and the interests of the country and the Army should be understood to be synonymous and synthetic with each other.  It is the collective will of the people which determines the future of a Nation. No other individual has the right to impose his will and charter the destiny of the country.

We trust your judgment. We pray that may Allah give you the guidance to choose the path that can enshrine the security and the future of the country.

Thanks and best regards.

Sincerely, We the 1st PMA Long Course


As the gory game plan of Musharaf began to unfold itself, the need to arrest these nefarious designs, surged in the hearts and minds of ex-servicemen with a new vigor and enthusiasm. A group of 22 officers met on and resolved that ex-servicemen community must be activated and mobilized. There was the dire need to stand along with all other sections of the civil society. It was decided that the lawyer’s movement for the removal of Musharaf and the restoration of the judiciary must be fully supported. This small group, acting in the spirit of the nine Founding Fathers of the American History, resolved to make a humble but a committed and dedicated start. These officers voluntarily donated funds, offered their time and services to give this effort a jump start.

Since Pakistan ex-servicemen society, too was expressing their anxiety on this grave development, it was decided that we make a common cause with them. These efforts had to be galvanized and given a meaningful direction. It needed a leadership of stature. To provide that. Air Marshal M. Asghar Khan (Retd) and Air Marshal M. Noor Khan (Retd), despite their age, graciously agreed to meet the challenges to fill the void. We are most grateful to both of them, for providing the leadership that was so badly required at that critical juncture. We most respectfully and thankfully record our gratitude to them and would place it on record to last for prosperity to remember.

This triggered off a spontaneous and well directed effort to mobilize the ex-servicemen on one platform as mentioned below:


The political events of 2007 led to the formation of Pakistan Ex Servicemen Association. Musharaf’s act in Feb 2007 to remove Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Iftikhar Ahmed Choudary caused great upheaval and turmoil in the country. The lawyers movement was in the forefront of struggle for the restoration of the Chief Justice. Another factor which contributed towards the unrest in the civil society and political parties was the policies of Musharaf on so called “War on Terror” His decision to carry out the operations against the tribes in FATA at the behest of USA led to series of suicide attacks specifically directed against Pakistan Armed Forces especially the Army. The situation further aggravated when Musharaf on 03 Nov 2007 abrogated the constitution and dismissed judges of the superior court including the Chief Justice and placed them under house arrest along with their families. Under the garb of emergency which in fact was Martial Law, he clamped restrictions on media and political parties and arrested several hundred activists.

    It was against this background that on 12 Jan 2008, a few senior retired officers got together and decided to play their role to safeguard the image of the Armed Forces, removal of Musharaf and the restoration of the Judiciary to pre 03 Nov position. The Ex-servicemen held their first seminar on 20th Jan 2008 at Hotel Shalimar which was attended by over 200 ex-servicemen and included several retired officers and veteran of 1965 war. Amongst the attendees were Air Mrshall Asghar Khan and Air Marshal Noor Khan and many other retired personnel comprising all ranks. In quick successions two more seminars were held. Simultaneously the Ex-Servicemen supported the Lawyers movement and participated in the long march in June 08.  

After the long march it was realized that Ex-Servicemen movement need to be organized on proper footings. It was therefore decided to form a separate Association which was named as Pakistan Ex-servicemen Association. The Aims and Objectives of the Association and other details are stated in the Memorandum of Association.


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