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  Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh) staged a protest rally in solidarity with Kashmir on February 5  
Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh) staged a protest rally in solidarity with Kashmir on February 5. Presided over by Chief Organizer (Sindh) Muhammad Yaqub Gunn All the members will become Kashmir. Pakistan participated in the rally. The purpose of our rally is to demand from the United Nations that the atrocities taking place in Kashmir be stopped and the voice of Kashmiris be heard and from Kashmir as per the wishes of Kashmiris. Freedom should be brought and slogans were chanted We will snatch freedom We will continue the war with India till the independence of Kashmir Speak louder and louder The truth is our freedom

This valley demands freedom
The promise is our freedom
Give my lord freedom
The slogan of faith is freedom
The truth is our freedom
Listen to the traitors, freedom
Listen to the enemy, freedom

Live long Pakistan Army
Long live Pakistan!
    Veteran Activities in Sindh Photo Album

District Dadu Sindh Today, on 14. 8. 2021, Veteran of Pakistan Sindh celebrated Independence Day with great simplicity on the occasion of Muharram. On this occasion, the national anthem was played and special prayers were offered for the security and prosperity of the beloved homeland. Slogans of Pakistan and Pakistan's forces were raised Live long Pakistan Army Long live the ISI! Long live Pakistan!

14th August, 2021, Independence Day Celebration, Dadu, Sindh
    Veteran Activities in Sindh Photo Album

7th November, 2021, Veteran of Sindh Meeting

Today 7_11_2021 Veteran off in Radhan Monthly meeting of Pakistan (Sindh) was held. It was presided over by Sindh Senior Vice President Subedar Ghulam Siddique Chanjani and Chief Organizer Muhammad Yaqub Gunn. The meeting, as usual, began with the recitation of the Holy Qur'an. The meeting was attended by all the members belonging to Larkana-Dadu. Meher, Naseerabad, The third love was from Sindhi Batra, New Goth, Shah Panjo, Radhan Village and Yaro Locker. Two characters were passed in the meeting.

1. The growing violation of the Land Order in Sindh Province was strongly condemned.

2. Organizational matters were discussed in which it was decided to contact the retired servants of the forces for organizing across the province and invite them to join the Veteran of Pakistan. In addition, it was agreed to intensify efforts for the solution of the problems of the people and finally a special prayer was offered for the peace and security of the Pakistan Army and the country. At the meeting, all the members pledged to support their forces at all times and on all fronts and pledged to lay down their lives in due course. In the end, slogans of "Long live Pakistan Army" and "Long live Pakistan" were chanted.

Live long Pakistan Army Long live the ISI!

Long live the Veteran of Pakistan!

Long live Pakistan!


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