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  Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh) 2 January 2022 Metting  
Today 02.01.2022 Subedar Ghulam Siddique Chanjani, Senior Vice President of Sindh, founded the unit at Union Council Munder Lakha in Naseerabad Tehsil on behalf of Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh). Vice President of Sindh Syed Sheryl Muhammad Yaqub Gunn, Chief Organizer of Sindh. Sindh General Secretary Sajin Solangi presided over the function.
Names of Nominees of Union Council Munder Lakha Unit of Naseerabad Tehsil.
President Deputy Subedar Ghulam Sarwar Lako

Vice President Fida Hussain Phalpota

General Secretary Panhal Khan Khonharo

Joint Secretary Muhammad Rafiq Phulpota

Press Secretary Abdul Karim Khonharo

Office Secretary Gulzar Ahmed Phalpota

Treasurer Muhammad Ishaq Phalpota was elected.

Congratulations to the elected officials on behalf of V.O.P.

Live long Pakistan Army

Long live Pakistan!

Veteran Activities in Sindh Photo Album

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