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Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh) 5 February 2022
Today on 05.02.2022. Veteran of Pakistan (Sindh) held a rally in solidarity with Kashmiris in Radhan city. Headed by Muhammad Yaqub Gunn, Chief Organizer of Veterans of Pakistan (Sindh). General Secretary (Sindh) Sajjan Solangi Subedar Ali Hassan Chana Ghulam Abbas Jhatial Sayindad Solangi Ali Asghar Jogi Noor Din Chanjani and Chairman of Sindh Sindh Ali Raza Gun General Secretary (Sindh) Zakir Hussain Solangi Ahsan Raza Gun Ashiq Hussain Saharan Saleem Solangi Irfan Solangi Naveed Solangi and a large number of people from Civil Society joined.

The United Nations was demanded to give freedom to the people of Kashmir and end oppression and barbarism. Freedom is a basic human right. The whole nation stands with their Kashmiri sisters and brothers for their right to self-determination. Inshallah, their sacrifices will not be in vain and they will be liberated from the illegal and dictatorial rule of India. India will continue to fight you till the independence of Kashmir and destruction of India. Why victory will be for the truth The victory will be true Islam will win Pakistan will win.

In Sha Allah Live long Pakistan Army Long live the ISI!

Long live the Veteran of Pakistan!

Long live Pakistan!


Veteran of Sindh Kashmir Day

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